This whitepaper has been posted before on our website, but it has not gotten much attention – I believe it deserves more. 5G stands to be a monumental task for mobile network operators. We do not yet know how 5G will shape out or what form it will come in, but why wait for 5G when you can start providing aspects of 5G on 4G LTE.

Edge Computing does not need 5G, but 5G needs Edge Computing. My guess on 5G is that operators will begin (if they have not) integrating technology that 5G requires into 4G repeatedly creating 4G LTE +, 4G LTE ++, 4G LTE +++, etc. We will be at 5G soon, but we won’t know it.

Check out our whitepaper, 5G-ification of 4G to learn more.

5G-ification of 4G – MEC Whitepaper

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