The Edge Internet Economy - $4.1 Trillion by 2030

Through the previous decade of transformation, we are on heading for the next era of Digital Transformation with the Edge Internet!

Cellular Data traffic in the US is roughly
86 Petabytes/year

By 2030 - The Edge Internet Economy will be worth $4.1 Trillion USD

The Edge Internet transforms Application and Network Delivery Economics

Chetan Sharma Consulting (2019). Edge Internet Economy: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Ecosystem Opportunity

Internet, Mobile, Cloud... Edge!

The Edge Internet Economy builds on and extends the existing tech ecosystems.

" order to serve the data, computing, and communications demand of objects, sensors, and people, resources, compute, and intelligence has to move to the edge to not only do it in the most cost-effective way but also to enable new use cases that just can’t be supported by the traditional cloud architecture."

Chetan Sharma, Edge Internet Economy: The Trillion Dollar Ecosystem Opportunity, 2019

The Edge Internet Economy will impact every industry in new ways!






Internet of Things

Smart Cities


Smart Factories

Oil & Gas

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Compute & Storage

Enterprise Services

Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous Transportation

What we build is limited only by our imagination.
Come build on the Edge - Build the Edge Internet!

Why The Edge Internet?

Required for the network of the future.

Required for new applications to exist.

Transforms the applications of today.

Providing connectivity, computing and processing
at any edge.

The Edge Internet Overview

AlefEdge sits at the nexus of the 3 Pillars of the Edge Internet and the Edge Economy

Edge Internet Locations

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Dr Ganesh Sundaram wins Biggest Individual Contribution to Edge Computing Development

This award recognizes the Edge Computing Ambassadors, those individuals who are instrumental in driving edge computing development and who have been particularly active over the last 12 months in ensuring the continued progression of edge computing research, development and trials.


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