Improve the performance of your current Cloud Applications with Alef Boost.

An SD-ME Competitive Advantage

Connect Alef Boost to your Enterprise Network for 5G-Like Services enhancing your Applications and Videos. Start in minutes.​


  • 5G Dependent on the Operator

    5G Services are dependent on your Network Operator leaving you with no control

  • Application and Video Performance is Lagging

    Lagging applications and videos are causing headaches, dragging down performance and clogging the network

  • Rising Bandwidth and MPLS Costs

    Bandwidth and MPLS costs are going through the roof, even more so with 5G coming

  • Overcomplex Optimizations

    The IT department has optimized everything they can, creating the most complex solutions possible

  • Lack of Video Intelligence

    It is nearly impossible to get real-time intelligence from upstream and downstream videos

  • Simple Problem. Complex Solutions.

    The problem is simple: make my applications and videos faster ... but all the solutions are complex

Outcome with Alef Boost

  • 5G-Like Experiences Today. No Dependancies.

    Get 5G-Like Services in minutes. Easy setup and integration enable you to take control

  • Supercharge your Applications and Videos

    Give your video and applications an uplift enabling them to get unprecedented performance with open APIs

  • Reduce your Costs

    Bring down your costs with an easy to use solution with tier product plans catered to you

  • Easy and Secure Optimizations

    Simplify your network optimizations and keep them secure - especially with remote workers, anytime, anywhere

  • Video Intelligence for Real-Time Decisions

    Gain new intelligence on upstream and downstream videos to create real-time actionable insights

  • Simple Problem. Simple Solution.

    Simple problems require simple solutions. Start with an easy to use solution for your network and applications

Build for today and create for the future.

5G like Performance Today with No Costly Upgrade

Enjoy Unparalleled Application Performance with Alef’s Edge Peering Technology

Reduce your Internet Bandwidth Costs Significantly

Build your Edge in minutes using Alef's powerful APIs and Services.


Use Alef’s Peering at the Metro Edge to boost Cloud Application performance.

USD / User / Month


In addition to Silver, get premium dashboards, and access to a larger number of internet companies and other destinations.


USD / User / Month


In addition to Gold, get 24×7 Customer support


USD / User / Month

*Prices may vary.

Case Studies

Metro Edge at an the Internet Exchange

Live Deployment at the Internet Exchange Point

U.S. Tower Edge Deployment


  • Alef Boost
  • Advertising
  • Media Streaming
  • Alef AdVision

Technical Proof Points

  • Integration of the Edge and the Internet Exchange Point
  • Enable Edge Services for Rural Enterprises
  • Demonstrating CBRS and Edge Value

Deployment Features:

  • Geographic Location: West Chicago and Mid West Region
  • Data Center Type(s): Metro Data Center
  • Spectrum Type: CBRS

Commercial Proof Points:

  • Easy to enable Edge Services with Rural Carriers and Internet Providers in the U.S.
  • Integration of Video Traffic
  • Demonstrating Offload of Video Traffic Importance

Experience the power of Alef’s Software-Defined Mobile Edge (SD-ME) and transform your Cloud Applications.

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