Alef Video Enablement

Run your Enterprise video applications with low latency and superior video quality from the Edge.

An SD-ME Competitive Advantage

5G like Performance Today with No Costly Upgrade

Create 10’s of Enterprise Video Applications with Stunning Quality

Deploy Low-Latency Video Applications in a matter of Minutes

Build your Edge in minutes using Alef's powerful APIs and Services.


Use Alef’s Edge APIs & Services to create brilliant video applications.

USD / User / Month


In addition to Silver, get premium dashboards, video usage analytics, and faster streaming.


USD / User / Month


In addition to Gold, get 24×7 Customer support.


USD / User / Month

*Prices may vary.

Case Studies

Large OTT Video Company

Delivery Edge Services for one of India's Largest OTT Providers

Large OTT Video Company

Customer: One of India’s OTT player has a subscription based video on-demand platform with >250 hours of original content

Challenge: The need is for a reliable network connectivity at all times allowing videos to be streamed seamlessly. OTT was in need of a solution that can support its premium content with ultra low latency and a great user experience

Solution: Alef EdgeNet


  • Video Length: 127 seconds
  • Stall Index: 0
  • Loading Index: 0.000403684
  • Min. total stall time (s): 0
  • Avg. total stall time (s): 0
  • Max. total stall time (s): 0
  • Min. stall count: 0
  • Avg. stall count: 0
  • Max. stall count: 0
  • Min. start delay (s): 0.03
  • Avg. start delay (s): 0.05
  • Max. start delay (s): 0.14

Experience the power of Alef’s Software-Defined Mobile Edge (SD-ME) and transform your Enterprise Video Applications.

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