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Run your Enterprise video streaming applications with low latency, superior video quality and security from the Edge

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An SD-ME Competitive Advantage

Launch Alef Video Enablement for your Video Streaming Applications with Open APIs and SDKs for 5G Edge Services.

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5G Dependent on the Operator
5G Services are dependent on your Network Operator leaving you with no control
Security Attacks on the Rise
Phishing attacks and “Zoom Bombs” are common place leaving security extremely paramount
My Video Apps NEED Low-Latency, but No 5G?
Upgrading your services to 5G or the Edge can be costly with the traditional ecosystem solutions
No Video Intelligence
It is nearly impossible to get real-time intelligence from upstream and downstream videos
Processing and Compute is Lacking
With remote workers, ever expanding networks and a rise in intelligent applications, security is more important than ever
Remote and Field Workers Need Performance
Inconsistent experiences across your network or offices cause major headaches and IT problems

Outcomes with Alef Video Enablement

Video Streaming
5G Edge Experiences Today. No Dependancies.
Get 5G Edge Services in minutes. Easy setup and integration enable you to take control
Video Streaming
Anytime, Anywhere 5G Grade Security
Comprehensive 5G Grade security for immersive video applications on the go
Video Streaming
Video Intelligence for Real-Time Decisions
Gain new intelligence on upstream and downstream videos to create real-time actionable insights
Video Streaming
Supercharge your Applications
Give your video and applications an uplift enabling them to get unprecedented performance with open APIs
Video Streaming
Fast Processing and Compute
Enable your applications to take advantage of fast processing and compute to bring your application to life
Video Streaming
Mobility, Roaming, Orchestration
Provide a 5G Edge immersive video experience for your customers and employees wherever they may be using the application

Build for today and create for the future.

Powered by Alef EdgeNet

Build your Edge in minutes using Alef’s powerful APIs and Services.


Use Alef’s Content Management, Video Delivery and Analytics APIs & Services to create brilliant video applications.



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In addition to Silver, get additional video services, access to premium dashboards and video usage analytics.



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In addition to Gold, get 24×7 Customer support.



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Experience the power of Alef’s Software-Defined Mobile Edge (SD-ME) and transform your Enterprise Video Applications.

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