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An SD-ME Competitive Advantage

Breakdown of SD-ME APIs

Edge Application Enablers

What micro-services are enabled at the Edge and what are enabled in the Cloud?Application developers must be able to manage applications centrally. There must be Dev-Sec-Ops for the Edge and Edge Applications. Most importantly, the APIs enable MOBILITY at application layer.

Edge Cloud

Manage Edge Applications and Data Centers spread across 1000’s of locations using centralized Software-Defined principles. Designed for Application Services to be distributed across edge locations using interconnections between Edge Sites NOT just between Edge and Cloud

Edge Gateway

Our Edge Gateway with multi-tenant CUPS is Access Agnostic enabling application devlopers to uniformly build across 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and CBRS. We provide enhanced security protocols to enable security across every layer. 

Purpose built for the Edge. Build with the most innovative Edge APIs in THREE different Software-Defined areas for 5G-Like Applications. Now!


  • Centralized Control with Centralized Edge/Data-Plane/User-Plane

  • Disaggregated Views and Management of the Entire Network

  • Configurable - Not Programmable

  • Complex Elements and Management for the Entire Network

  • Difficult Configuration with Variable Stability

  • Closed Interfaces

  • Lacking Automation

  • High Total Cost of Ownership

  • Traditional and Old Security Methodology

  • Networks Are Not Developer Friendly

Outcome with Alef SD-ME APIs

  • Centralized Control with Distributed Edge/Data-Plane/User-Plane

  • Provide a complete view of Alef EdgeNet (Network of Networks)

  • Programmability (Not Just Configurability)

  • Simplification of Alef EdgeNet Elements and Management

  • Easy Reconfiguration with HIGH scalability

  • Open Programmable Interfaces

  • 100% Automation

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

  • New Paradigms in Mobile Security

  • Network Effect - Developer Friendly

Build for today and create for the future.

Powered by Alef EdgeNet

SD-ME APIs for 5G-Like Applications. No waiting. Build Today.

Open APIs that are Access Neutral, Cloud Neutral and App Backend Neutral

Easy to Use Management Systems and Programability for your 5G-Like Applications

Build your Edge Products in minutes using Alef's powerful APIs and Services.

Case Studies

5G Apps over 4G

Delivering on the promise of 5G Applications over 4G Networks

Enhanced App Performance

Challenge: The need is for a reliable network connectivity at all times for enhanced and 5G applications.

Solution: Alef EdgeNet & Solutions


  • Alef AdVision
    • Seamless application delivery from the Edge but not the Cloud

  • Gaming
    • Reducing the average network delay by 50%

    • Improving user's QoE (Quality of Experience) by 20%

  • Advertising
    • 12.6x better HD resolution -1080p

    • 1.75x better startup time (80percentile)

  • Learning
    • 1.8x -2x better in PDF, 360 HD Images throughput

    • 1.5x -1.7x better download response times (80percentile)

  • Media Streaming
    • 1.8x -2x better in PDF, 360 HD Images throughput

    • 1.5x -1.7x better download response times (80percentile)

  • Virtual Reality
    • 1.4x better HD resolution -1080p

    • 1.47x better startup time (80percentile)

Build with Alef's SD-ME APIs to create 5G-Like Products. Today.

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