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Enterprises want control over their applications and data while demanding high performance.  This move along with data residency and pushing enterprises to build their own private networks. While enterprises have invested significantly in Wi-Fi networks, CBRS is fast becoming a way for them to deploy LTE based networks. Better security, manageability and policy control of LTE networks afford Enterprises new capabilities within Private Networks. This has led to the rise of numerous Edge native use cases like Industrial 4.0, remote data processing, and IoT, in addition to deploying video applications with better performance, agility and targetability.

Brief Highlights

Alef’s Software Defined Mobile Edge framework allows Enterprises to deploy Edge sites in their campus or in-building locations. In addition, these Edge sites can easily be interconnected into an Edge Cloud that enables mobility management at the session level, roaming between Private Edge Sites, orchestration of user application services across Private Edge Sites, and the elastic flow of micro services across Private Edge Sites to adjust to varying demand for them.

  • Accelerate Edge Businesses: Collaborate and easily develop Edge applications with a library of reusable APIs, connectors, and more
  • Mobile Edge Connectivity: Integrate with any app, data, or device — on-premises or in the cloud or at the Edge
  • Friction-Free Development: Time-to-market advantage thanks to easily enablement and integration of APIs and applications using one unified platform
  • Future-proof architecture: Alef’s Software Defined Mobile Edge platform is an overlay architecture which works seamlessly over any access network like 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, CBRS and upcoming 5G
  • Secure by Design: Protect data, and control access, with edge gateways, encryption, and programmable security policies
  • Actionable Visibility: Manage all your APIs and integrations from a single interface and data visualization ROI dashboard while promptly tackling opportunities and resolving issues as needed 

Core Capabilities

Alef’s software stack is end-to-end, encompassing mobility, cloud and application layers. Our core capabilities delivered as Edge services and APIs to application developers and Systems Integrators, deliver on the promise of the Software Defined Edge. Together, we offer a full end-to-end solution while being interoperable with the ecosystem.

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Dr Ganesh Sundaram wins Biggest Individual Contribution to Edge Computing Development

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