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Alef Rich Media Notifications enables Enterprises and Advertisers to upload and run targeted campaigns based on preferences, behaviors, and attributes of the users with intelligent, interactive and rich content. It ensures a seamless experience to the end users by analyzing their network and internet speed. By enabling Alef Rich Media Notifications, Enterprises and Advertisers can increase CTR, drive calls to action and create awareness.

We’ve seen Alef Rich Media Notifications be used in several different segments in a variety of ways:

  • Video Notifications
    • Building customer experience over an SMS/Chatbots/In-app notification with video snippets
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Notifications
    • SMS/ Chatbots/In-app notification for immersive experience which has overlay of content from the real world
  • 360 Degree/HD/GIF Images Notification
    • Images of real-world scene where the view in every direction is captured at the same time. During viewing, viewer has the control of the viewing direction

Brief Highlights

Product Capabilities

  • Immersive and Interactive Story telling – Eliminate boring text and image notifications and indulge in the world of UHD and AR/VR interactive advertising. We have seen how that immersive notifications generate much higher CTR’s and improve brand perception.
  • Enhanced Real-Time Bidding – Publishers want to reach as many consumers as possible but are limited by small processing capabilities to run the advertising auctions for a smartphone. Alef makes it possible to enhance the bidding process by having the DSP and SSP locally at the Edge.
  • Big Data – The convergence of networking and computing enables the most comprehensive and real time data in the world. Alef securely layers this data with real time intelligence to provide highly accurate and relevant targeting.
  • Leaner Value Chain – Alef directly connects all concerned parties eliminating middlemen. Through this in the advertising ecosystem, we can increase revenue share for publishers and reduce advertising expenses for Advertisers.
  • Ad-Fraud and Privacy Amplification – Edge processing provides unique capability to mitigate Ad-Fraud and save millions of wasted dollars. It also ensures end users privacy is not compromised by using techniques like Tokenization, Data masking, obfuscation etc.

Proven Results

Alef Rich Media Notifications has resulted in:

  • Increased Click through Rate
  • Increased Conversions
  • Raise in Awareness
  • Rise in 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% Notification Completion Rate

Alef Rich Media Notifications provides video:

  • 1x better HD resolution at 1080p and 1.7x better startup time (80 percentile) for Media & Entertainment applications;
  • 6x better HD resolution at 1080p and 1.8x better startup time (80 percentile) for advertising applications;
  • 2x better in PDF and 360 Degree HD Images throughput and 1.7 better download response times (80 percentile) for learning applications; and
  • 4x better HD resolution at 1080p

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