Best Practices

Understand the best practices of what to do, how to do it, and why each piece is critical.

Alef EdgeNet for Enterprises

Learn how Alef can drive Digital Transformation.


Learn how SD-ME can digitally change your Enterprise forever.

Alef Media Streaming

Let’s create the best Streaming Application for all of your needs.

Alef Boost

Let’s optimize video traffic at the Edge of the network. 

Alef AdVision

Let’s change digital out of home advertising forever.

Alef Video Enablement

Let’s turn video into your competitive differentiation.

Alef Rich Media Notifications (RMN)

Let’s turn notifications into an interactive and intelligent experience.

Alef Security Authentication & Enablement

Learn Alef can easily integrate your network with 3GPP Standards. 

Alef Stream Processing & Smart Surveillance

Learn how Alef Stream Processing & Smart Surveillance can impact your video uploads.

Alef Video Conferencing

Learn how Alef Video Conferencing can change your communications.

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Dr Ganesh Sundaram wins Biggest Individual Contribution to Edge Computing Development

This award recognizes the Edge Computing Ambassadors, those individuals who are instrumental in driving edge computing development and who have been particularly active over the last 12 months in ensuring the continued progression of edge computing research, development and trials.


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