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Why Alef In-App Video Notifications?

Notifications and their content have become difficult to manage and consume, creating an overall poor user experience for consumers and employees.

Alef’s In-App Video Notifications solution provides an easy-to-use video notification system allowing Enterprises to send rich content rapidly, without compromising performance. With Alef In-App Video Notifications, Enterprises can enhance their click through rate (CTR) with dynamic and rich content that plays seamlessly allowing Enterprises to focus on their campaigns and not the technology behind it.

What is Alef In-App Video Notifications?

Alef In-App Video Notifications enables Enterprises and advertisers to upload and run targeted campaigns based on preferences, behaviors, and attributes of the users. It ensures a seamless experience to the end users by analyzing their network and Internet speeds and adjusting content to match such analysis.

The solution requires Enterprise users to integrate Alef’s SDK available for both iOS and Android with the Enterprise’s mobile application. Once this is done, Video notifications run by the Enterprise can be easily delivered to and received by Employees, Customers and/or Partners. Some of the features delivered as APIs and available to Enterprises are:

  • Secure login and Enterprise Onboarding
  • Campaign Onboarding
  • Fast Delivery from the Edge directly to the Enterprise Application
  • Admin Dashboard with Reports
  • Notification Service
  • Transcoding
  • API Management
  • Service Monitoring

Alef’s In-App Video Notifications solution creates an open and easily manageable environment for campaigns. With campaign dashboards that can be broken down by campaign, location, device type, etc., Enterprises and advertisers have a new level of granularity they can leverage to understand the performance and impact of their campaigns. With these dashboards, Enterprises and advertisers can manage the entire service easily through the portal. The solution comes with many features and capabilities which can be accessed through the Alef EdgeNet Portal. To make integration and use easier, the solution has been built with Open APIs making it easily interoperable with existing systems as well as making it easy for Enterprise developers to add new features/solutions to create further value and impact from Enterprise video campaigns. By enabling interactive and intelligent campaigns, Enterprises and advertisers can increase click through rates (CTR), drive calls to action and create heightened awareness on various matters of importance for their Employees.

We have seen Alef In-App Video Notifications being used in several different segments in a variety of ways:

  • Video Notifications
    • Building customer experience through an In-app notification with video snippets
    • Target segment – Media & Entertainment, Education, Financial
    • g.: A trailer of an upcoming movie or entertainment series can be sent out as a video directly In-App
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Notifications
    • In-app notification for an immersive experience that has content from the physical world overlaid into a virtual environment
    • Target segment – Online Apparel, Online Furniture, Healthcare
    • g.: A fully furnished kitchen with the possibility of changing colors/patterns to give the look and feel of an actual kitchen, when fully setup
  • 360 Degree/HD/GIF Images Notification
    • Images of real-world scenes where the view in every direction is captured at the same time. During viewing, the viewer has the control of the viewing direction
    • Target segment – Real Estate, Automotive
    • g.: Housing & commercial In-App notifications can include 360 degree images of exterior and interior/ sample furnished retail or commercial unit.

Once connected to the platform, end users have access to a host of capabilities:

  • Immersive and Interactive Story telling – Eliminate boring text and image notifications and indulge in the world of UHD and AR/VR interactive advertising. Immersive notifications can generate much higher CTRs and improve brand perception.
  • Big Data – The convergence of networking and computing enables the most comprehensive and real time data in the world. Alef securely layers this data with real time intelligence to provide highly accurate and relevant targeting for Enterprises to reach their Employees.
  • Leaner Value Chain – Alef’s platform directly connects all involved parties programmatically, thereby increasing revenue share for Enterprises who decide to let Advertisers reach their Employees in locations such as Cafeterias and auditoriums.
  • Ad-Fraud and Privacy Amplification – Edge processing provides a unique capability to mitigate Ad-Fraud and save millions of wasted dollars should the Enterprise allow advertisers into their system. It also ensures end users’ privacy is not compromised by using techniques like Tokenization, Data masking, obfuscation etc.

In summary, Alef’s In-App Video Notification service allows Enterprises to leverage the following capabilities to send powerful interactive video content directly to their employees: In-App Video Notifications has distinct set of product features which can be leveraged:

  • Sponsored advertising and notifications
  • Immersive story telling through 4K, AR, VR
  • Enhanced real-time bidding for advertisers should Enterprises choose to admit any
  • Affinity groups for long term communications
  • Big Data creating Hyper Local Targeting with Privacy Amplification
  • Leaner value chain for notifications and advertisements

Benefits of Alef In-App Video Notifications

Alef’s In-App Video Notifications is an easy to deploy solution that will dramatically impact an Enterprise’s ability to create and deliver impactful messages for its employees and customers. By using Alef’s open and modular APIs bundled together, Enterprises can easily onboard content and create notifications.

We have seen in several deployments how Alef’s In-App Video Notifications create benefits for Enterprises and content providers and advertisers. The Software-Defined Mobile Edge enabled In-App Video Notifications deliver content in an intelligent, immersive and interactive manner which leads to targeted campaigns with increased CTR Some of the benefits of Alef’s In-App Video Notifications are:

  • Increased Click through Rate
  • Increased Conversions
  • Raised public and social awareness
  • Rise in 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% Notification Completion Rate

Alef‘s actual network measurements show:

  • 1x better HD resolution at 1080p and 1.7x better startup time (80 percentile) for Media & Entertainment applications;
  • 6x better HD resolution at 1080p and 1.8x better startup time (80 percentile) for advertising applications;
  • 2x better in PDF and 360 Degree HD Images throughput and 1.7 better download response times (80 percentile) for learning applications; and
  • 4x better HD resolution at 1080p

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